TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – The Temple Police Department says someone stole a school bus from Holy Trinity Catholic High School around 3:20 Tuesday morning.

The thieves attempted to steal a second bus but were unsuccessful.

“Our bus driver, who does a route throughout the community, was here at five, and he reported to us that he could not find the bus, our 25-passenger bus,” says Principal Fred Valle.

This caused a disruption to the normal flow of morning pickups but thankfully the school has additional buses, so all students got to class safely. Although, the school needs to find the bus.

“We need it because we have a lot of events here that, you know, football, you know, just competitions, academic competitions and things like that. And of course, you know, we pick up and drop off students every day of the week,” says Valle.

Police say the thieves broke into a second bus, but they didn’t drive off with it. The insurance company is currently assessing damage.

If you see the bus with the license plate number U36575 you are urged to dial 9-11.

“The bus is easy to spot because it is vinyl wrapped in blue and gold colors. And it also features the Trinity Catholic High School mascot on it as well. So, it’s pretty vibrant. So, it kind of makes it easier to spot.” says City of Temple PR Coordinator Megan Price.