Belton, TX (FOX 44) — Temple and Belton ISD are working together to maintain what they say is the integrity and high quality of education they provide as public schools districts.

Their first priority is to not lose public school funding to Governor Abbotts school voucher program.

Temple ISD Superintendent Dr. Bobby Ott says they are against Abbott’s initiative until the state funds schools above the national average.

“It doesn’t make sense to put money or divert public funds to additional or alternative solutions or situations when we’re not even funded fully. We’re in the bottom ten states in the entire country, so why look for other alternatives without even trying to fix the one that’s in place,” said Dr. Ott.

Their second priority is to have a fair and transparent accountability system to help all parties in a school district.

Belton ISD Board of Trustees member Janet Lee says as a teacher the states demands aren’t a fair playing ground for how schools are able to prepare students.

“We want to make sure that that’s there and that whatever we’re told is going to be what kids are going to be tested on, that they are tested on that, and that the rules don’t change halfway through the game. That doesn’t make any sense,” said Lee.

Their last priority is for increased funding.

Districts say state changes to school safety, staff compensation, and inflation have gone unfunded.

Belton and Temple ISD say this priority will help them have more opportunities to support students.

Now in a joint resolution, both Belton and Temple ISD are waiting for the legislature for its next special session hopeful for change.