TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44)- Temple Fire and Rescue is expecting a busy Fourth of July weekend. To ensure you and your property stay safe, they want to remind us the importance of practicing safe grilling.

Before you turn on the grill you want to make sure you have everything ready.

“Well, make sure if you’re using a gas grill, make sure that you have tight connections. You don’t have any where that the gas can leak by. Make sure your hoses are intact and they haven’t been dry, rotted, torn up,” says Temple Fire and Rescue, Deputy Fire Marshall Jason Reilly.

You don’t want to ruin your cookout with a fire, Deputy Fire Marshall Jason Reilly says make sure you use the proper grilling equipment.

“You have your charcoal as well as your lighter fluid. Use a commercial lighter fluid. Don’t use anything. You know what you have around the house,” says Reilly.

Reilly says if you’re looking for shade while you cook make sure you’re not too close to anything flammable.

“A gazebo or a like a cozy boat tent or one of the impalas, that sort of thing. That’s flammable. That fabric is going to catch when you’ve got that heat going up there,” says Reilly.

Reilly wants to remind adults to keep an eye out on the kids when they have an open fire and have a designated area for them to play, away from the grill.

“The younger they are, the more curious they are. So young ones, they’re curious. They’re going to want to put their hand up on it. They’re going to want to touch it. They’re going to end up getting burned,” says Reilly.

Something to keep a lookout when grilling, marinated cooking oils. Be careful, because it could make the fire larger than you anticipate if you don’t stay nearby.

“If you have a fire like that that’s burning. Turn off the grill. Close the lid. If you’ve had it away from the house and get away from everybody,” says Reilly.

Temple fire wants everyone to stay as safe as possible. If you’re unsure of what to do in case of a fire, you can call 9-1-1.