TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — Phase 1 of the the City Center Project in Temple has just been completed and now the city is ready to enter phase 2.

Construction crews with Temple have been hard at work finishing the underground utilities projects that began roughly a year ago.

The city is now shifting focus above ground to phase 2.

Replacing all of the roadways, sidewalks, drainage, landscaping, and lighting on Central Avenue all the way to 6th Street downtown area.

Temple Public Relations Specialist Allison O’Connor shares why this project is even happening in the first place.

“This project supports the city strategic plan, which the goal of that is to cultivate and promote downtown Temple as a unique destination where we can just have a lot of different aspects of life. Whether it’s commerce, culture, recreation, they can kind of all come together and intersect,” says O’Connor.

This is the last phase of the City Center Project and it is set to be complete by summer of 2024.

The project will be phased by a street or block at a time, allowing a functional flow of traffic and pedestrian access.

The city will communicate with its residents, informing them of when and where construction will happen.

Phase 2 is set to begin at the end of June, early July starting with 6th Street and eventually ending on Central Avenue.

But for those who still aren’t convinced the wait is worth it, O’Connor has a reassuring message.

“And a lot of these projects were put in here for the betterment of Temple and for the positivity towards our residents. So we know that construction can be frustrating, it can cause some delays or some detours. So just bear with us,” says O’Connor.

You can find more information on the City Center Project by visiting here.