TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – The Temple Police Department has received a certification from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) for completing the One Mind Campaign.

The department said in a press release that this initiative requires law enforcement agencies to implement four practices to increase successful interactions between police officers and those with mental health conditions in a twelve-to-36-month period.

Since committing to this initiative, the Temple Police Department says it has established a sustainable partnership with Central Counties Services – a local mental health organization which has served over 70,000 people with mental disabilities since the 1960’s. The organization shares Tanneatha Payton – a qualified mental health provider who is embedded into the department.

Temple Police also developed and implemented a model policy to address officers’ interactions with individuals with mental health conditions, and ensured that all officers received mental health awareness training – with at least 20 percent of the department completing more intensive crisis response training.

The 40-hour crisis intervention curriculum trains officers to respond to calls involving individuals with mental health conditions, learn a variety of de-escalation techniques and participate in live role-play scenarios where officers respond to those experiencing crisis due to mental health.

For more information about the One Mind Campaign, you can go here.