TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) — From Temple, Texas to Mississippi, the connections made in the small Texas town go far, even after people move away.

A Temple woman’s actions not only rekindled a friendship, but also saved a life.

For the last few years, Martha Adell-Frederick spent 11 hours a day every day doing dialysis. But, someone from her past popped up ready to help and give Martha a new future.

“Oh my god,” Adell-Frederick said. “You’re talking about my heart just started fluttering, and our journey began together there.”

Adell-Frederick was diagnosed with stage four kidney failure. Her doctor pushed her to put the word out saying she needed a kidney.

“Well, my son put it out there, and an angel came and gave me a kidney,” Adell-Frederick said.

Her angel became an old friend who had lost touch with Martha after she moved, but reconnected thanks to that Facebook post.

“I saw the post, and honestly the very first time I read it, I thought, oh, wow,” donor Stephanie Phillips said. “But I scrolled.”

But it came up another time. And that was no coincidence for Phillips.

“In a few days, it was back again in the feed, and it mentioned that it they needed o-positive blood,” Phillips said. “And I thought, oh, I’m o-positive.”

From there, Martha and Stephanie’s journey began.

“People would say, who is it for?, Phillips said, “Like is it your family member? Is it your mom? And I’m like, no.”

Phillips says there is really not an explanation as to why she did this, it’s just something God lead her to do, and it’s as simple as that.

“It’s felt like a blessing this entire time,” Phillips said.

Martha’s encouragement to others.

“Keep the faith, and your angel come to,” Adell-Frederick said.

Phillips says her life is the same it was before the surgery, but Adell-Frederick is completely changed. So, she says if you get an opportunity like this, take it.