TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) – Starting for the 2022-2023 school year, Temple ISD bus riders will get a SMART Tag. The tags will ensure the students get on and off at the right place, along with many other features.

“If a student tries to get off at a stop that isn’t their appropriate stop, SMART Tag will tell them that, and the bus driver has assistance to be able to say hold on, this in your stop, let’s check where it is,” TISD Asst. superintendent of Facilities and Operations Kent Boyd said.

SMART Tag allows the transportation department to monitor route activity including stop locations, time stamps, what students were picked up and dropped off, GPS points, and bus speed.

“Anything that can enhance safety, and anything that gives you the ability to monitor where your child is at all times, especially when they’re riding the bus, I think that’s a real positive, Boyd said. “

They are rolling out the system in steps, and one of those steps includes parents being able to see where their students’ bus is through an app.

“They’ll be able to know if the bus is running late or ahead of schedule, if there’s a delay for some reason,” Boyd said. “They can monitor themselves to make sure their student gets off at the proper spot.”

This tool only tracks the students when they’re on the buses.

“This isn’t something where during the day or once they’ve gotten off the bus in the evening and gone home, this isn’t something where someone will be able to track them,” Boyd said.

Crystal Roach has two kids in Temple schools and thinks it’ll help a lot especially with younger kids.

“I think its a good thing cause it can make a lot of parents feel safer,” Roach said.

Tags are available for families to pick up at the TISD Transportation Department Office (919 N. 31st Street) through August 19.

The tags will also be available for pickup at the 6th grade orientation at each of the three middle schools on August 17.

Tags will be available at the 9th grade parent meeting at Temple High School on August 16.

Ninth graders may also pick up their tags at orientation at the high school on August 18.

Elementary school students may pick up their SMART tags at Meet the Teacher Night at their respective schools on August 18.

Pre-K students may pick up their tags at Meet the Teacher Night at Meridith-Dunbar Early Childhood Academy on August 22.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the transportation office at 254-215-6966, or visit the district’s SMART tag website at: Smart Tag – Transportation – Temple Independent School District (tisd.org).