Bell County, Tx (FOX44) – The murder trial of two women who were teens when arrested for the murder of a Temple man is underway – with jury selection in Bell County’s 426th District Court.

Rashari Nae Fonne Brent and Chelsea Gabriella Swint have remained in the Bell County Jail since their arrest in January 2019.

Rashari Brent. Chelsea Swint.

They were among four teenage girls hald in connection with the December 5, 2018 shooting death of Isaac Kohlhaas who was found in the parking lot of the Walmart store on West Adams in Temple. The victim was alive when found, but died later at the hospital.

Veronica Martin, also charged with murder in the same case, has had her trial separated from that of the other two. A fourth teen arrested was charged with a lesser offense.

After they were identified as suspects, Brent was arrested in Richland Court, South Carolina and Swint in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Arrest affidavits for Swint and Brent said that a woman interviewed at the hospital where Kohlhaas was taken told them the victim planned to meet someone at the Walmart to sell them marijuana. The affidavit also specified that a bag of marijuana was found beneath the victim.

The affidavit said the victim’s Facebook Messenger account was accessed and revealed a conversation between Kohlhaas and someone later identified as one of the female juveniles detained in the case setting up the meeting at the Walmart parking lot.

The affidavit said officers viewed surveillance video obtained at the Walmart and saw the victim’s vehicle pull into a parking spot with a dark-colored sedan pulling in at an angle close to his.

Two people were seen getting out of the sedan and getting into the victim’s vehicle, then getting back out and running back to the dark sedan as the victim got out of his car and collapsed.

The affidavit said that the next day, a juvenile female met voluntarily with police and said another juvenile along with Brent and Swint talked about setting up a marijuana dealer to be robbed.

Both Swint and Brent are now 22 years old. While both were also held on other charges as well, the bond for the murder charges alone has remained $1 million.