TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) — The Robinson family and guests are picking up the pieces after the massive fire on Saturday.

Around 1:00 PM on Saturday, a fire sparked in the parking area of the farm, causing mass destruction of the attendees cars.

Although the cause is still under investigation by the Bell County Fire Marshall, initial reports say that the cause could have been from an incorrectly disposed cigarette.

Owner Helen Robinson says they are grateful that no one was injured but they are still grieving.

“It’s not about us right now,” she told FOX 44 News. “There’s certainly a million emotions going through. None of them are for ourselves though. It’s, you know, first and foremost for the families that were affected. Specifically with total vehicles from the fire. You know, these aren’t the experiences that we’re here to provide.”

When asked if there was any concern about legalities with insurance companies or individual attendees, Robinson says this is something none of them have experienced and they are all learning together.

“Through the advisement of the fire marshal, first and foremost, this is a process that should be handled through insurance of the customer’s automobile,” she said. “The feedback that we’ve gotten from those is that claims are being processed. We’ve already spoken to adjusters. Um, things seem to be going smoothly on that end.”

The farm is accepting donations of car seats and other needs for the attendees who lost their vehicles in Saturday’s fire.

Robinson ended by saying that they hope to continue hosting the special events they see every year, like engagements and birth announcements, but they won’t forget what happened.

“We still want to be the Robinson Family Farm that everybody knows and loves. Be patient with us as we work through that.”

The farm will reopen this weekend and the Robinson’s say they are grateful to the community who have been supportive during this difficult time.