BELL COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – Early voters were out all day to cast their ballots for early voting.

“Locations opened on time, and the people I know who were there early said they got in and out in a lot of locations within 10 minutes,” says Bell County Public Information Officer, James Stafford.

To make sure everyone gets a quick and easy voting experience, Bell County PIO James Stafford says you can download the wait time app to find out in real time how many people are at the voting center.

“The place that’s closest to you may not be the most convenient if they’ve got a big crowd. So it’s a great way to be able to plan ahead and and anticipate to use your time really well,” says Stafford.

Now before you head out to the polls, Bell County officials want to remind voters the do’s, and the don’ts.

Such as don’t bring a firearm.

“It doesn’t matter about constitutional carry or licenses or any of that. These are election laws and they supersede all that within the polling place,” says Stafford.

Voters are also not allowed to wear political t-shirts or apparel in the voting centers.

“If you do, you could be asked to cover that up or or even leave by the by the folks that are working there,” says Stafford.

What you can do to prepare, print out a sample ballot. Since you won’t be allowed to use your cell phone.

“Fill that sample ballot in at home, taking your time to research all the races that you care about and bring it in with you. You can have that cheat sheet at the polls,” says Stafford.

There will also be curbside voting available for those who have mobility disabilities.

“Even if your your mobility issues are such that you might need assistance, you can designate someone who can press those buttons for you,” says Stafford.