Belton’s Confederate Park one step closer to name change

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BELTON, TEXAS- Confederate Park and Confederate Drive in Belton are both one step closer to getting a name change. 

The new name for the controversial Confederate Park was the focus of Wednesday night’s council meeting.

A 10-member committee appointed by the city along with belton residents and the city council discussed stand-out names among a list of 37 potential names. 

That list of 37 was narrowed down to 10 during the meeting.
Belton’s Parks and Recreation director says he was impressed with the focus and engagement of the committee and council. 

“It was a good meeting. We had an involved committee. You can tell they had clearly looked over the names and really processed that, made the board easily expedited,” said Matt Bates.

One committee member tells us the way meeting was conducted exceeded his expectations.

“I thought it was incredibly efficient. It really knocked some names out pretty quickly. I thought that was pretty good, difficult to do. People have attachments to some of the names but I thought they did a good job and considered everybody’s comments.” said Charles Rodarte, a member of the committee.

“I thought the meeting went well I was surprised that we narrowed the names down as well as we did,” Estella Murray added.

Names that the committee and council decided to move forward with include Citizens Park, Community Park, Fellowship Park, Freedom Park, Liberty Park, United Park and Veterans Memorial Park.

City leaders say all of the names have potential to successfully send a strong message.

“There’s a lot of names that relate to unity and coming together and things like that so I’m okay with that,” Rodarte said.

On committee member says the seemingly easy flow of the meeting is attributed to the committee comprised of diverse races, backgrounds, and ages. 

“We also had great representation from the young people. And I think the park should reflect the future of the children that will use that park quite often,” Carolyn Bell told Fox 44.

Although the names have been narrowed down the city still asks for public input in the process .

“Though we have a committee, though we have a board that will ultimately be deliberating and voting upon this, we still encourage folks who may have thoughts, ideas, comments on this process on the park to reach out to us and they can do that through our parks and rec office, Bates said.

Committee members will spend the next week getting community feedback on the newly proposed names.

Their next meeting is scheduled for Monday the August 17th.

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