BELL COUNTY, Texas — Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate Beto O’rourke continued his meet and greets throughout Texas this weekend, stopping in Bell County.

“It begins by making sure that we show respect, listen to one another, and build trust within our communities,” O’Rourke told Fox 44. “Which is what this campaign is all about.”

O’Rourke and his campaign team made a stop in Harker Heights to not only discuss his ideas but also to meet potential voters.

And the majority of the crowd could not have been more excited to welcome him.

“He also talked about some voting restrictions,” one supporter said. “The abortion restrictions that are really medieval, so as a woman and as a family member who has other younger family members who could possibly be in that situation.

“I think it’s important for them to have a choice and I really like that he said when I’m governor, I will trust women,” she added

O’Rourke spoke about the new abortion law, along with changes to ERCOT after the winter storm and gun control.

But there were a few that were not on the same page with O’Rourke. Such as Jordan Redman, who is a medically discharged Army veteran.

“The only thing I have a problem with Mr. Beto is that he wants to take away our AR-15s and our AK-47s and there’s no way that I’ll ever let that happen,” Redman said.

O’Rourke and his team headed to Austin after their stop in Bell County for another meet and greet this evening and will be in San Marcos tomorrow.