WACO– The Big Christmas Expo has many local vendors with a variety of products.

Creative Director Antonio Wingfild says the Big Christmas Expo is about celebrating of the magic of Christmas while supporting local businesses.

“It’s very important that locally you also pour your support and resources into local development,” Wingfild said.

Wingfield says he’s an advocate for small businesses and supporting them while building community.

“Developing a community that emphasizes entrepreneurship and for the purpose of supporting families and community…” Wingfild said.

Skull Creek Mercantile is one of the many vendors, and the owner says this is his first craft show.

“We’ve been making all this stuff through the summer, getting ready for today,” Wade Atwood said.

Atwood says he has been woodworking with his dad since he was a boy.

“A lot of stress in the world, and I found it very therapeutic,” Atwood said. “It just became my therapy to go out in the shop and do something.”

Amber Crites owns Melting Mountains and says not only does getting out and shopping local help support business owners, but it’s also about the opportunity for community.

“You’re spending time with friends and family, and you’re getting to experience things that you don’t get to experience when you’re sitting behind a screen on a computer,” Crites said.

Wingfild does many different events for small businesses across the country.

“Look at all the small businesses…keep that money in the community, and support your local citizens,” Atwood said.

This is the first time the Big Christmas Expo has been in Waco, but they plan to come back in the future.

This event will continue into tomorrow from noon to 7 p.m.