WACO, Texas – After nearly two years of planning and pitching, Blue Duck Scooters finally released their rides on the streets of Waco Friday morning.

Waco Visitor’s Bureau and Convention Center Director Todd Bertka was among the first to ride the new scooters.

“It just adds another layer of things to do,” Bertka said. “It gives our own residents, which is exciting, another way of exploring our community and our downtown.”

The scooters are accessible through the Blue Duck app, which allows for you to reserve one and find where they are around you with a digital map. Most of Waco is fair game to ride in, but some areas where the scooters will power off in automatically include Baylor University’s campus and the Magnolia Silos.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Duck pulled their scooters off the streets in their other markets. For now, Waco is the only city with Blue Duck scooters available.

“It definitely raises the hip factor a degree or two,” Bertka said. “Folks who travel regularly have seen them in other communities far less cool than Waco for a long time, so I think that’s an opportunity for us to take a really cool step in a positive direction from that experiential standpoint.”

Also with the pandemic, the city stresses everyone keep their healthy habit when they use the scooters.

“I think, with anything, the proper amount of responsibility needs to be taken,” Bertka said. “If you’ve got a personal hand sanitizer, I’d use it and I definitely would have a mask with me at all times.”

The scooters aim to be something fun and useful for people of all ages.

“It’s an interesting phenomenon,” Bertka said. “It’s a kid-like feeling for those of us of a certain age that are willing to get back on them and give it a ride. For the younger set: it’s a mode of transportation, my kids use them at college and that’s how they get from point A to point B.”

For more information about Blue Duck Scooters, you can click here.