WACO, Texas – UPDATE: After an autopsy, the identity of the body found in the vehicle pulled from the Brazos River on January 19, 2022, has been confirmed as Stephanie Torres. The cause of death was determined inconclusive.

One of the other two vehicles found during the initial search was reported stolen in 2013. The second one was unrecoverable, and there were no bodies in either of the two vehicles.

The Waco Police Department, with the help from the Waco Fire Dive Team, recovered a vehicle in January after Adventures with Purpose began a separate search for a missing persons case from December 2017.

Once the vehicle was recovered, investigators found a small bone fragment.

Shortly after noon. on January 19, Waco officers were notified that a team of divers from Adventures with Purpose found three vehicles in the Brazos River. One of those vehicles resembled the vehicle of Torres, who went missing in December 2017.

In the initial search for Torres, it was reported to officers that she may have been intoxicated and suicidal when she disappeared. A search began for Torres – however, every lead came up empty. The case was later suspended in February 2019, pending no additional evidence.

The Waco Fire Dive team was only able to recover one vehicle at that time.