BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas – It was a busy Sunday for Bosque County area firefighters.

On Sunday afternoon, firefighters from the Valley Mills, Clifton, and West Shore Volunteer Fire Departments were assisted by the China Springs and Speegleville Volunteer Fire Departments from McLennan County in attacking a very fast moving wildfire. These firefighters successfully stopped the 40-acre fire before it jumped a road and threatened homes.

The Bosque County Office of Emergency Management says the command and coordination of all responding units, including the county maintainers, was “impressive.”

On Sunday night, firefighters from Meridian, Morgan, and Clifton fought a stubborn and dangerous train locomotive fire just down from the Bosque County Sheriffs Office.

This diesel-fed fire was was concentrated in the engine and electrical production area of the locomotive, and was well-involved when the first firefighters arrived.

Firefighters bravely opened up the locomotive to access the fire, and were faced with fighting a highly-dangerous fire in very tight quarters. The fire flared up again and again, until firefighters finally gained the upper hand and extinguished it for good at around 8:00 p.m.

The Office of Emergency Management again said the command and coordination of all responders was “impressive.”

The office also said these Volunteer Fire Departments need your help. Some of the departments are critically low on volunteers. If you would like to inquire, you can go here.

Source: Bosque County Office of Emergency Management