CLIFTON, Texas (FOX 44) – Two 17-year-old women are facing charges of Aggravated Assault with Retaliation after a fight Monday night.

The two suspects are Savannah Walker and Ahliah Vestal. They were taken to the Bosque County Jail and bonded out Wednesday night. A third girl, a 16-year-old, is expected to be arrested soon, but Clifton Police Chief Chris Blanton tells FOX 44 News that since she is a juvenile, special steps have to be taken.

The Clifton Police Department responded Monday night to a call of a fight in progress at the Clifton City Park. A 17-year-old woman was found to have been assaulted by another 17-year-old. Police say the fight was filmed by another individual at the scene.

After some investigation, the department can confirm this was a one-on-one fight based on the video they were given. There were other people there during the fight, but they did not actively participate in the assault.

Chief Blanton says he met with Clifton High School administrators Tuesday morning, and says they are not taking this lightly. Those involved, even those not arrested, are being dealt with in a serious manner, and will not be posing a threat to other students at Clifton High School for the foreseeable future.

Chief Blanton said on the department’s social media Thursday that a third arrest is pending. Also, because these girls are Clifton High School students, the school will be taking disciplinary action on their end – per their code of conduct and per state education laws.