BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – The Bosque County Sheriff is looking to form a Volunteer Emergency Services Support Committee.

Sheriff Trace Hendricks said on social media Friday morning that the County is blessed to have a large number of people who voluntarily step up during a disaster or time of need. He says the generosity of these people “speaks volumes of the values of our family and friends here in our county.”

Sheriff Hendricks says with the recent wildfires and the challenges it has presented, as with all major incidents with emergency responders stepping into action to mitigate the situation, that people always learn valuable lessons and try to put them into use for future responses.

He says one lesson learned from the Hard Castle Fire is the need for organization as it pertains to the donations of food, drink, funds and necessities – which are much needed and even more appreciated. He says that being on scene and trying to assist in the distribution of these resources is “chaotic at best.”

With multiple agencies on scene and scattered for several miles, the communication is so geared toward response needs, that knowing who needs water, food, and necessities is a difficult task at best, Sheriff Hendricks says.

With this in mind, Sheriff Hendricks would like to form a committee of volunteers who would respond to major incidents and set up a designated location for the receiving of donations – as well as a point of distribution for the emergency personnel in the field. This committee would consist of volunteers from within Bosque County who could facilitate the organization and carry out functions anywhere that first responders are working on a major incident which would require a lengthy presence.

Ideally, Sheriff Hendricks says this committee would have a number of leaders serving as points of contact – and who could assist in managing a hectic environment while providing support for first responders as well as victims and/or residents local to the incident ongoing. These leaders could also provide direction for volunteers and resources as they become available.

For anyone interested in participating in this committee, you can email with contact information.