BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44)UPDATE: Bosque County Sheriff Trace Hendricks says the threat made by a Walnut Springs Independent School District student on October 11 has been investigated and referred to Juvenile Probation for disposition.

Sheriff Hendricks went on to say that the student has been banned from school property for the time being.

Following the reported threat, Walnut Springs ISD Administration has worked closely with investigators in order to conduct a thorough investigation and to provide the highest level of security possible as students and faculty return to school. Sheriff’s deputies have stepped up security patrols and have maintained a frequent presence in order to further insure that Walnut Springs ISD is safe.

Sheriff Hendricks says that parents should speak with their children about school safety and advise them that any and all threats or statements which create fear will be handled promptly and effectively. Children should also be advised to report all actions and comments which might be of any concern.

The student was identified, and was cooperating with investigators regarding the original complaint. There was also a noticeable increase in law enforcement presence on the school’s campus on October 12.