COLLEGE STATION, Texas (FOX 44) – The College Station Police Department said Tuesday afternoon that there were a total of 31 arrests made between the evening hours of November 5 into the early morning hours of November 6 within the Northgate Bar District.

A large fight broke out in the 100 block of College Main Street around 2 am, after the bars closed. An officer then deployed pepper spray to stop the fight. At this point, another officer working to separate one of the individuals fighting was accidentally sprayed in the eyes with the pepper spray. The officer exposed to the pepper spray, as well as the individual he was attempting to separate from the fight, fell to the ground.

The officer was working to gain control of the individual to detain for the fight he just witnessed – when he noticed the man was raising a firearm up in the direction of another officer and the individuals he was just fighting with. This officer quickly pushed the individual’s wrist to the ground to control the firearm. Responding officers found the officer and were able to safely remove the firearm from the possession of this individual without having to use any further force.

This individual was placed in custody safely, and received medical attention at a local hospital for his exposure to the pepper spray. The officer exposed also received treatment on scene from the College Station Fire Department. As a result of this fight, seven individuals were arrested. There were three charges made for Pedestrian Traffic offenses, two charges for Evading Arrest, two charges for DOC-Fighting, one charge for Deadly Conduct, one charge for Assault on a Public Servant and one charge for Interference with Public Duties.

This came as part of a total of 31 arrests made in this area Also among these are eleven Disorderly Conduct offenses, three Failure to Identify offenses, two Driving While Intoxicated offenses, five Public Intoxication offenses, one offense of Resist Arrest, Search or Transport, one offense of Assault by Contact, three Pedestrian Traffic offenses, one offense of Assault of a Public Servant, one offense of Interference with Public Duties, two Evading Arrest offenses and one offense of Deadly Conduct.