College Station (FOX 44/KWKT) — The family of a 22-year-old man shot and killed while College Station police officers served a warrant is suing the city. The shooting took place on February 8, 2023 at a home on Spring Loop Drive.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of Mark Hopkins claims police went to the house to serve a warrant based on false statements. It says police were looking for the boyfriend of Hopkins’ housemate, but that person did not live there.

Mark Hopkins

According to police, when officers went to the house, they found Hopkins, armed with a shotgun. They say he fired at the officers, who then fired back, killing him.

Texas Rangers investigated the officer-involved shooting and gave their findings to the Brazos County District Attorney’s office. The District Attorney presented the case to the Brazos County Grand Jury, which decided there was no criminal conduct conduct by law enforcement.

Mark’s father Geoffrey says the focus of the lawsuit is to uncover the full truth about the shooting that ended his son’s life, “Our investigation is focused and on clearing Mark’s name. He respected authority and he had no criminal record of any kind.”

The family is represented by Michael Patrick Doyle, Patrick M. Dennis, and Jeffrey I. Avery, of Doyle Dennis LLP, of Houston, and Aaron W. Perry, of the Law Firm of Aaron W. Perry, PLLC, of Bellaire, Texas.

Their court filing seeks complete access to the incident reports and investigative documents, including the complete and unedited body camera footage of all CSPD officers involved in the warrant, the underlying raid, and the shooting of Hopkins.

You can read the full lawsuit here:

FOX 44 News has reached out to the College Station Police Department for comment on the lawsuit. The department says it will not comment on the lawsuit and directed us to the city.

The City of College Station released this statement:

The Texas Rangers conducted an independent, thorough, fair, and transparent investigation, and the City is confident in their findings. The Brazos County grand jury also reviewed the matter and returned a No Bill, finding no criminal conduct by the officer involved. The loss of life is always tragic, and the City sympathizes with everyone involved. However, the City of College Station disagrees strongly with the statements made by the family’s attorney. The City has met and worked with the family’s attorney while complying with the law, has cooperated with the family, and has offered to meet directly with them. The City will respond accordingly to the petition to investigate the claim before a suit is filed, as the matter is related to a pending criminal case involving Abraham Escobar and others.”

City of College Station

College Station Police arrested 49-year-old Scott Michael Siddons and 45-year-old Leslie Siddons in connection with this case on Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity charges. Both are still awaiting trial.