COLLEGE STATION, Texas (FOX 44) – A 19-year-old man wound up in jail after attempting to enter a nightclub with a handgun.

College Station Police officers working the Northgate Bar District were notified by the club’s doorman about the man. The doorman gave a description of the man – who was later apprehended in the Northgate Public bathrooms.

Officers seized a satchel the man was wearing around his shoulder and found a Ruger LCP Max .380 firearm. Officers continued to search the satchel and found one plastic bag of marijuana, one plastic bag containing about 29 tablets of various shapes and sizes, one plastic bag containing five individually wrapped smaller bags, each appearing to contain a white powdery substance and $3,384 in cash.

19-year-old Kaycon Gage Wilson, of Columbus, was arrested and is charged with Possession of Marijuana, Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon and two charges of Manufactured Delivery of a Controlled Substance. Bond was set at $41,000.