Brown Friday: A Plumber’s Busiest Day

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WACO, Texas – We’ve heard about Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, but how about Brown Friday?

Brown Friday is another nickname given to the day after Thanksgiving, because it’s known as one of the busiest days for plumbers.

This is due to families clogging sinks and toilets on and after Thanksgiving – hence the name “Brown Friday.”

Other causes include people pouring cooking oils into drains and incorrectly use garbage disposals.

One Waco plumber we spoke with says calls usually increase at least 20 percent on the day.

“It’s good to be able to help people when they’re in need. A lot of time, we’re just like they are – trying to spend time with our families. But we know we chose a profession that doesn’t allow us to be with our families on the holidays or the days after the holidays,” says Ken Truax, of the Truax Plumbing Service.

Experts say to avoid plumbing and drain issues, do not flush wet wipes down toilets and place a plunger in guest bathrooms to save your guests embarrassment.

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