BELLMEAD, Texas (Fox 44) — Good food and a little bit of booze was on the menu today. Aside from burgers, there was a variety of food to choose from at one of the many food trucks. Music, vendors, and carnival rides were also included in the festival for the whole family to enjoy.

“The whole focus of what we’re trying to do is a family fun event,” Bellmead City Manager Yost Zakhary said.

The day kicked off at noon with a carnival and different drink options, followed by a burger competition at 2 PM.

‘Papa Bear’ won first prize for the best tasting burger — winning five hundred dollars.

Live music filled the ears of festival goers, featuring the bands Los Roachez, The Melinda Adams Band, and the Illustrious Vibes Band. The city of Bellmead was proud of the success from last year’s event–so they brought it back for a second time.

“The city council has been very supportive of this,” Zakhary said.

This year, kicking it up a notch with even more vendors and activities to choose from.

“We’ve had a great time here today. Great turnout and just an amazing turnout,” he said.

Zakhary says today’s event was an opportunity to connect with your neighbors and have a good time in a positive and safe environment.

“And what we’re trying to do is build an opportunity for families to come out and enjoy Bellmead in their own backyard,” Zakhary finished.