Burglary sting snares seven, more arrests expected

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MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas – McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara says his investigators are getting down to the bottom of a string of burglaries dating back to early December.

On Monday, the agency reported making seven arrests – with several still expected.

The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office says they recovered nearly $90,000 worth of merchandise in the sting.

“These gutter punks have taken scumbag to a whole new level,” said Sheriff McNamara, rebuking the alleged thieves.

The sheriff revealed they solved nearly 30 burglaries within the county and the surrounding area. He tells us they recovered a bunch of the items from a shed belonging to one of the suspected leaders in the sting.

McNamara called the ring “sophisticated” – saying those involved used drones to monitor targeted properties they intended to rob – even admitting to it.

In one instance, he says some of the suspects took advantage of their victims who were away burying a loved one at a funeral.

While they have tracked down about $90,000 worth of equipment, they have traced another $50,000 in jewelry back to a burglary in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

He and other agencies involved with this ongoing investigation are taking these crimes “personally.”

“In law enforcement, you’re not supposed to take it personally. But it is hard not to when you see scum like this praying on our good citizens. I can’t imagine the trauma these worthless rats have caused on our good citizens,” McNamara said.

The sheriff tells us they expect to make several more arrests in connection with the sting in the coming days, urging many involved to turn themselves in.

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