SOMERVILLE, Texas (FOX 44) – Two men have been saved from a potential drowning at Lake Somerville.

Burleson County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call at approximately 12:50 p.m. Monday regarding two men who fell out of a boat at Lake Somerville. They could not swim.

Dispatch notified deputies, Game Wardens, and the Birch Creek Fire Department of the incident – which occurred at the Birch Creek Unit boat ramp. A K-9 deputy was in the area and responded to assist.

When the deputy arrived at the scene, three men were found in the water. However, one of the men turned out to be a bystander who was having lunch when he heard the cries for help.

There were two men clinging onto an overturned kayak approximately 35 yards from the shore. One man was wearing a life jacket, and the other man was not. Park staff were attempting to reach the men with a throw rope. One of the men was successfully towed in by the rope. The other man, with the life jacket, was struggling as his life vest was shifting up towards his head.

The bystander assisted by swimming out to keep the kayak steady, and helped to keep the man from going underneath it. The K-9 deputy then swam out to attempt a water rescue. The second man was towed in without further incident.

After being brought to shore, all of the individuals were cleared by Emergency Medical Services due to the temperature being 57 degrees. All were cleared and released from the scene.

Burleson County Sheriff Gene Hermes also took the time to remind all Lake Somerville visitors to use extreme caution and safety measures when taking part in water recreational activities.