Car burglaries spike in Waco

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WACO, Texas – Waco police officers say they are seeing a spike in car thefts and burglaries.

“We usually see these spikes during the holiday season and during the summer time. I don’t want to say this is abnormal, but it is a higher number then what we would like to see just three weeks into February,” says Officer Garen Bynum, with the Waco PD. “We’ve had over 80 car burglaries already. And those are just the ones that are being reported.”

The Waco Police Department posted on Facebook Tuesday night about the rise in car-related crime.

“I did put out a Facebook post in reference to some of them. We’ve seen a rise in them in the Timber Crest area, the Stone Creek area, Stone Creek Ranch, and we’ve seen a lot in the Baylor area,” says Officer Bynum.

But there are ways you can keep yourself from becoming a victim.

“You need to take your stuff inside at night. Please lock your vehicles. Something our investigators are really liking to see now are these Ring door bell cameras or something of the sort where we can see the stuff on video,” says Officer Bynum.

Officers also ask that you park your car in a well-lit area or under a street light to deter criminals.

“If you’re going to hide them in there, I would advise to hide them or lock them up in some kind of lock box if you have it,” says Officer Bynum.

If all your efforts fail and you do find yourself the victim there are things you can do.

“Obviously contact us at the police department. You can actually do these reports online, but if you would like we can have an officer come out. In most of these cases we actually prefer to have an officer come out. That way we can at least attempt to find fingerprints or DNA evidence,” says Officer Bynum.

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