Washington, D.C. (FOX44) – Saying immigrants pouring over the border should not become a burden for service members or their families, Congressman John Carter, whose district includes parts of Fort Cavazos, has reintroduced a bill that would prohibit the housing of illegal immigrants on military installations in the United States.

Called the Resist Executive Amnesty on Defense Installations Act, the bill is co-sponsored by Representatives Pete Sessions, Brian Babin, Pat Fallon, Michael McCaul, and Troy Nehls of Texas along with Representatives Richard Hudson of North Carolina and Ken Calvert of California.

Representative Carter said, ” America’s military has one job. Housing illegal migrants on military installations detracts from that duty and represents a massive security risk.”

Representative Fallon said, ” The surge in illegal crossings has led to a housing crisis which is now being put upon our servicemen and women to handle. We cannot afford to continue to house illegal aliens on military bases in the U.S.”

Congressman Nehls added, “If a contractor has to be a vetted permanent resident or U.S. citizen to work there, these folks should also have to be as well.”