WACO, Texas – Carter BloodCare of Waco is having a hard time keeping blood on the shelves due to the rise in COVID cases and lack of donors.

The company put out a message on social media urging the community to donate because they have hit critical levels in blood supply. They say the spike in COVID cases disqualifies a person from donating due to testing positive or having to quarantine.

Director of Public Relations Linda Goelzer says not only are hospitals across Central Texas experiencing a shortage – but all the centers nationally. She says a hospital had to go on emergency divert on Thursday, because they did not have enough blood to supply new patients – and this is an example of why blood is essential for medical care.

“About 600 to 800 patients, every single day, will get an order for a blood transfusion,” Goelzer says. “Many of them, their blood transfusion may require more than one unit. It may be red cells and platelets and plasma, a combination of things. So it’s very important that people keep blood donations top of mind. If you are the one person in your family who is well and healthy and have not been exposed, please donate now. Because we know that next week things might be different for you. We cant really wait on this one.”

She says they are unable to keep up with the hospital’s needs based on the supply they have, and need the community’s support.

If you would like to donate during this blood shortage, you can visit their website.