WACO, Texas – As we continue into the winter season in central Texas, many are preparing for colder weather, which includes taking care of your home, property, and for some, cattle.

“The main problem for us is keeping everything fed and watered in an emergency like that,” Blayr Barnard said, the owner of Barnard Beef Cattle Company.

That was just two of the issues the cattle company faced during the ice storm in February of 2021.

Many cattle owners lost product during the winter season of 2021 due to the ice storm, and because of that, are preparing for whatever this winter season has in store.

“We have since then made it so that all of our water troughs are connected to these actuators that keep it running over just enough to where we don’t lose a ton of water, but at the same time, nothing freezes over,” Barnard said. “But back in February of 2021, we did not have those.”

Now that many cattle owners have taken precautionary measures, there still lies the question as to how they keep the cows from freezing to death during cold enough temperatures for snow.

“Since they’re ruminants, they they thrive off the foragers,” Tracy Tomascik of the Texas Farm Bureau said. “And what we do in the wintertime is utilize the hay that was stored up during the spring and summer months. And we just provide ample access and live basically to those livestock ahead of the cold, cold air coming in and then even during it.”

Both Farnard and Tomascik say they are prepared for this season, with extra supplies in case of an emergency like last February.

“We also make sure that we put out a lot of hate so that they can bed down in the way they do eat almost twice as much during a snowstorm like that than they do otherwise,” Barnard explained. “And so we can run out of food just because the 18 wheelers can’t get to us with the feed. And so we’re unable to feed it.”

Both cattle owners say they are ready for the winter of 2022, ice storm or not.