KILLEEN, Texas – A fight involving multiple employees and customers at a fast food restaurant in Killeen is going viral.

It happened Thursday afternoon at the Zaxby’s Restaurant on Clear Creek Drive.

“It was a mess, you had like the manager, you had the cooks, you had everyone outside and they were kind of, half the staff was hyping the worker up and then the other half was trying to calm her down as well as calm the girl and her mom down and honestly it seemed like the more people pulled up the more of a show they put on,” said Bella ‘Iimanii Brown, witness who recorded the fight.

Brown was ordering food when she noticed she received the wrong order, she went back in line and found a number of employees and two customers fighting verbally then physically.

“I wanted my right food, and didn’t feel like I should had to wait 15 minutes just because y’all can’t conduct yourself as adults,” said Brown.

Brown says she’s never witnessed anything like this before.

“Every day there’s something new, every day there is something going on, there is shootings, or the school district, kids jumping on kids,” said Brown.

She says, that’s why she picked her phone up to record.

“Every day there’s something new. Every day there is something going on. There is shootings, or the school district, kids jumping on kids,” said Brown. “Like I said, this is Killeen, when the woman started tying up her dress, to me I immediately pulled, like I was drawn back by that cause you know here you expect someone to pull a gun on you, I mean it’s Killeen. You expect when you get in a verbal argument for them not to fight but to pull guns and knives and stuff of that nature.”

Her post now had over 2,000 shares and hundreds of comments.

“I’m on the phone with you right now and my phone has not stopped coming through with notifications,” said Brown.

She says in the end, this fight could have easily been avoided.

“I don’t think that the young lady should have exited the building, I don’t think that the manager should have allowed her to exit the building, I don’t think that the mother and the daughter should have done all that yelling but you can’t control that especially when you are at work,” said Brown.

FOX 44 reached out to the restaurant and they say they are investigating the incident.