CDC recommends for people to stay home this Thanksgiving

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WACO, Texas – The holiday season is right around the corner, but it’s not all about the holiday cheer this year.

“Our recommendation for Thanksgiving is that you need to keep it within your household,” says Kelly Crane, with the McLennan County Public Health District.

Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and experts are asking that you cut down on holiday travel this year.

“Our cases are rising. They’ve been rising for the past week. We are seeing that exponential growth, and we are concerned that we will see that through Thanksgiving. To stop that and to keep everyone safe, we need to re-imagine our Thanksgiving plans,” says Crane.

McLennan County is already seeing a troubling trend.

“We have seen a spike, a post-Halloween spike, that is going on right now,” says Crane.

Health officials want to prevent any more surges in Coronavirus numbers.

“We want to curve this current spike and prevent any other spikes from happening. It’s important that everyone take it seriously and understand that cases are rising,” says Crane.

If you do plan on traveling this holiday season, the CDC recommends wearing a mask in all public settings, staying six feet away from others, and washing your hands often.

They also recommend bringing extra supplies with you – such as masks and hand sanitizer.

“The more you travel and the more you spend time with people outside of your household, the higher the risk becomes of developing or being exposed to COVID-19 or even unknowingly exposing other people to COVID-19,” says Crane.

For those who plan on staying put for the holidays, the usual safety measures are still recommended.

“Do what you normally would with COVID and what everyone has been doing, which is wear your mask and do your best to keep six feet apart from people. So many of our stores do have markers that you can use to help you keep that distance. Go shopping at times that are not super busy, that aren’t traditionally busy. That will make a difference, as well,” says Crane.

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