WACO, Texas – Central Texas is home to lots of green, but in it sneezing and lurking are inside those cedar trees.

“The cedar pollen comes this time of year. Its a juniper family, but for some reason, it grows only in Central Texas,” says allergist Dr. Niran Amar.

The pollen causes coughs, watery eyes, and headaches – otherwise known as “cedar fever.”

Experts say the pollen usually comes out in November and lasts until February.

“Any age can have it. And once you have it, keeps getting worse,” says Amar.

Allergist patient Margaret Clawson says she has been battling with allergies her entire life.

“It feels like a bad case of the flu,” says Clawson.

However, she remains optimistic – as she frequently gets her allergy shot.

“You know, it’s not going to last forever. And take all the precautions you can,” she adds.

Doctors also suggest over-the-counter medications to help fight the “fever.”