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WACO, Texas – While we don’t expect the temperature to drop below freezing in Central Texas just yet, this filtration with winter weather is a good reminder to think about preparing for colder weather.

You can do this by remembering the four P’s which stands for people, pipes, plants, and pets.

Preparing your plants for cold weather is pretty simple. Bring inside what you can and cover the ones you can’t with a blanket to protect them from freezing.

Pipes can be protected in a similar fashion. They can be covered with a blanket or a t-shirt. It’s also a good idea to open up cabinets and let your faucets drip to keep your pipes from freezing.

Pets should be brought inside or have a warm space outside with plenty of food and water when temperatures fall below freezing.

The final P is people. It’s important to check on your neighbors when temperatures get this cold.

“Just be a good neighbor. Especially if you have an elderly neighbor or disabled neighbor. Make sure you do a wellness check on them. Knock on their door. Check on them to make sure they’re doing okay. Make a phone call if you have their number. Check on them and say hey I’m making sure everything is okay. Just check on them and be a good neighbor,” says Lieutenant Keith Guillory, with the Fire Marshalls Office.

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