Central Texas dad goes above and beyond for his children

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WACO, TX- Central Texas dad takes no day’s off even on Father’s Day.

Isabela Lozano told her dad she wanted to start her own mobile boutique and asked for his help, being his little girl he of course said yes.

“I had this vision I gave him a Pinterest board and showed him a few Tik Toks and he went with it,” says daughter, Isabela Lozano.

Isabela bought a small trailer to use for her boutique, her dad and brother were able to customize it to her likings.

“She had a dream we said we’re going to make it happen,” her father Feliciano Lozano says happily.

With the help of her father and brother, Isabela is able to open her doors to the public.

“Now I’m a proud dad because she’s doing what she wants to and I will support her until I can,” Feliciano says happily.

Even on Father’s Day, the day where Feliciano Lozano should be celebrated on.

“As you can see I’m here working so it’s a good thing a good Father’s day thing,” says Feliciano.

The father of three says being a dad comes with a lot of responsibilities.

“He helps support us in every way he’s here every day unloading and loading my trailer,” says Isabela.

Feliciano is always there to lend Isabela a hand when she needs him.

“As a parent that’s what you want for your kids to be able to help them do what they want to do so there’ll be no excuse,” says Feliciano.

Isabela says her dad is the backbone of the family and is very appreciative for him every day, not just on Father’s Day.

“I want to say to my dad, I love you, thank you so much for supporting me and everything I do,” says Isabela.

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