WACO, Texas – Many people lined up Thursday at the Waco ISD Stadium to receive food from the Central Texas Food Bank.

Truck driver Eddie Montoya knows what it feels like to get help from the Food Bank, and wanted to do his part.

“I like to help out people because I went through it when I was younger, and my mom sometimes didn’t have enough to feed us, but God opened up this door for me and gave me this job, and it made me feel good every day,” Montoya says.

The Central Texas Food Bank will distribute free food to help those who are facing increased food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Of course with the pandemic, so many people are out of work. And it’s impacting people so much. More than just their health. So it’s really important that we all share our time and resources. We all need to pull together,” says volunteer Ann Shaffer.

The Central Texas Food Bank is continuing to meet the needs of those facing hunger.

“Now with the pandemic, and with everything going on right now, everyone is need of a little bit of help and food,” says Montoya.

Attendees received an assortment of items based on available supplies.

“The food that we get here helps us with cooking at home and not eating out – fresh eggs, fresh produce, milk, cheese, and helps make ends meet. We come every month,” says recipient Cynthia.

To Eddie, it means so much to him to be able to help others in need.

“Everyday I wake up and I go to work, and I feel good because I know someone is going to get fed that day. And they’re not going to go without. Because I’m doing my job, and all the other drivers are doing their job,” says Montoya.

For the latest information on getting help, you can visit centraltexasfoodbank.org and click on “Find Food Now”.