WACO, Texas – The Humane Society of Central Texas is seeing an increase in their intakes, partially due to COVID-19.

“The shelter is getting more and more full every day,” says Paula Rivadeneira, the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Central Texas.

Dennis is one of the many dogs who needs a loving home at the shelter.

“He has some leg weakness, but that doesn’t stop him from doing anything. He’s a total mush ball and he’s super fun,” says Rivadeneira.

The shelter is seeing a large uptick in their intake numbers – a lot of this having to do with the pandemic.

“People are dropping off dogs, and cats sometimes, due to the hardships associated with COVID. So people are losing their jobs or getting their hours cut back, and people feel like they can’t afford to take care of them, especially the animals with special needs. We’re trying our hardest to keep animals in homes with people,” says Rivadeneira.

With the future so uncertain, the shelter is working hard to prepare for any possible outcomes.

“We’re actually a little bit nervous that we’re going to shut down again. Who knows what’s going to happen with all of our COVID numbers going up so high? We really want to get as many animals out as we can,” says Rivadeneira.

The shelter is hoping to get as many animals into homes as they can.

“We do need a lot more foster homes, because ideally, we would rather have the animals in foster homes than in the shelter, ideally. They get the specialized treatment at home. We get to learn more about them and what they’re like in a home environment,” says Rivadeneira.

Dogs aren’t the only animals that have been dropped off at the shelter. They have seven cats looking for their forever homes, and they even have a bunny.

“We would love to have their help. We just don’t want this to become an urgent situation where the shelter fills up,” says Rivadeneira.