Central Texas woman in urgent need for LVN nurses

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TEMPLE, Texas – Alison Dickson needs to hire a nurse so she can stay home and watch after her mom. But if she doesn’t find a nurse for herself, both of them will be placed in a facility rather than being at home.

Allison is known for giving back to the community, donating stuffed animals, a game cart, and even raising money for scholarships over the years. But now she’s asking for your help. Alli has an urgent need for an LVN nurse to care for her.

“It’s been a very hard time, because if I don’t have staff here, I can’t be here,” Allison says.

Alli has regular caregivers. They are currently filling in the morning and night time schedule, but if she can’t find nurses to fill in that spot, she and her mom will be placed in a facility.

“Starting on Monday, I don’t know who’ll be here to help me in the morning. I’m on a very short time frame,” says Dickson.

Being the active person she is on social media, she went on Facebook, Instagram, Indeed, and Craigslist asking for help – but she hasn’t gotten much luck.

“That’s where I’m at right now. I’ve gotten so….almost exhausted trying to put the pieces together,” says Dickson.

Alli says having a home nurse makes them feel more comfortable – knowing their nurse on a personal level like caregiver Natasha Rutherford.

“It’s really a family atmosphere. You just become intertwined, inter-connected,” Natasha says.

Alli and her mom have a close relationship, so being placed in a facility where they won’t get one care is the last thing she wants for them.

“The nurses are here for me, but it’s almost a ‘domino effect,’ where if I’m not here, she can’t be here,” says Dickson.

Alli is looking for two to three LVN nurses. They will be able to get training and shadow an experienced nurse to get a better understanding of Alli’s day-to-day routine.

If you’re interested in being part of Allison’s support team, you can contact on her Facebook, Instagram, email her at Alli91879@aol.com or call her at (254) 624-9349.

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