Changes to Election Day to prevent spread of COVID-19

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WACO, Texas – We’ve seen changes in our everyday life thanks to COVID-19, and this election is no exception.

The pandemic has changed the way we shop, eat in restaurants, and it’s even changed the way we vote.

“We do want to practice social distancing,” says Kathy Van Wolfe, the McLennan County Elections Administrator.

Voters who came out to the polls were asked to wear a face mask.

“We do recommend or request that you wear a face mask – also for your safety as well as the workers’ safety,” says Van Wolfe.

Voters were also asked to maintain a six foot distance from others.

“If you get in line we’re going to ask, and the workers will have tape down on the ground, so you can see where you should line up,” says Van Wolfe.

They were even given a pencil to make sure the machines weren’t contaminated.

“We’re going to give you a pencil so you can actually use the eraser on the screen to move the dial and press the buttons on the machine,” says Van Wolfe.

If voters were still concerned, workers brought the machine to them.

“You can vote curbside, which means the poll workers will bring the voting machine out to the car, and you can vote in the car. If you bring somebody with you, they can come inside and tell the workers they have a curbside voter,” says Van Wolfe.

Poll workers are also seeing a change in the way things are done.

“Our workers will be wearing a face mask, as well. We are going to have you, instead of handing them your ID, you’re just going to hold it up for them,” says Van Wolfe.

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