HEWITT, Texas – Effective immediately, the City of Hewitt is making an emergency
request for water conservation.

A water shortage exists within the City of Hewitt, and the city manager has instituted a water conservation request as of February 19th, 2021 until February 21st, 2021. Upon implementation by the city manager, the following restrictions shall apply unless specifically exempted:

Stage 1 conservation
Due to extreme weather events, the city water system is facing unforeseen challenges.
● Low fuel supply for our back-up generators, due to the ongoing use during the recent power
● Strain on the instrumentation of our system, due to the constant freezing and thawing. We ask this to assure our treatment and storage systems can continue to provide sufficient water supply to our citizens.

At this time, conservation is imperative and will help meet water demands and avoid enacting mandatory water restrictions in Hewitt.

Without your help, we could face the risk of pressure loss which could threaten vulnerable residents and fire safety. If power were cut off at any Hewitt plants, it would be a challenge to keep pressure up.

Boil water notices will be likely if the city loses power at one of the facilities, or if major leaks occur.

Residents are asked to follow these steps for the next 48 hours:

  1. In lieu of a bath or shower, consider a sponge bath or basin bath.
  2. Do not use washing machines for laundry or automated dishwashers (handwash only using limited water).
  3. Do not drip all faucets in your home. To prevent lines from freezing, drip the faucet that is farthest from your meter, particularly lines located on an outside wall.
  4. Do not store or hoard water by filling bathtubs or other large containers. If everyone does this, water pressure will fall resulting in the following consequences:
    A. Mandatory boil water notices will be required (at a time when many citizens have no electricity with which to boil water).
    B. Water for firefighting purposes will be threatened or, worse, unavailable.
  5. Each day fill enough containers to provide (a) each person in your home 1 gallon per day for
    cooking use.

For more information, you can email ksexton@cityofhewitt.com.

Source: City of Hewitt