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KILLEEN, Texas – FOX44 recently reported a few families in one Killeen neighborhood who had an odd encounter with a man claiming to be an inspector with the city.

The man decided to make a suspicious house call at 11:00 p.m. Luckily, the homeowners had a bit more common sense than the wanna-be city employee.

Figuring something was off, they did not let him in – but they did call a real city employee – a police officer.

So what should you look for when trying to determine if a city inspector is legit? We took this question to the City of Killeen to find out.

“They should be able to provide specifically for you, the department they work for, and the specific division, as well.” says Hilary Shine, of the City of Killeen. “If you’re still suspicious, you can always ask them for identification. Most all of us have an ID that we wear. Often times, city workers will be in a city vehicle. That’s another sign to show that they are legit. We also have business cards, and our business cards are very standardized and have the city logo on them. They say exactly who we are, and what we’re there to do.”

However, if you encounter a better prepared smooth talker, unlike the guy in this video, there are other ways to make sure the person at your door is who they say they are.

“If you feel uncomfortable in any way, you can always tell them that you would like to speak to a supervisor,” Shine says. “If they can’t present that, then that should be an indicator. If you feel unsafe in any way, like the homeowners did the other day, call the police.”

You can view our full interview with Hilary Shine below.

Source: City of Killeen

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