CLIFTON, Texas – A local winery and distillery is doing its part to help its community during this pandemic.

Red Caboose in Clifton is making hand sanitizer to help first responders on the frontlines of COVID-19.

The distillery says they started producing them in March after seeing the need for sanitizers in the area. They went online, found the formula from the FDA and began working to fill this demand.

The bottles are donated for free to first responders, and the general public can buy a bottle if they need it. They say their bottle is 80 percent alcohol, versus what you would get at a store, which is 60 percent alcohol.

“We’re doing a real small part. We’re servicing our little area there, and so far we’ve been able to service all their needs. And I think everybody that’s contributing, I mean, my goodness, just look at all the people around the world that are fighting this thing and keeping people alive and beat it. And we are just doing our little part locally to contribute to doing that.”

The eight ounce bottle is being sold for $8 and the 12-ounce bottle for $12. You can buy it directly from the distillery by visiting their location at 903 South Avenue G in Clifton.