CLIFTON, Texas – If your dog is running loose around the Clifton area, be prepared to pay the price.

The Clifton Police Department posted on social media Tuesday afternoon that sometimes officers are receiving more calls about animal control than other crimes. These are mainly about dogs running loose in town.

The City of Clifton currently has an ordinance prohibiting dogs from running loose in town. This ordinance makes it against the law for a dog to roam loose. This means residents can be ticketed.

Clifton Police Officers are now being instructed to take a tougher stance towards loose dogs. If a dog is caught running loose in town, the owner will receive a warning – the owner will then be issued a citation for allowing a dog to roam at large every time after this.

The department understands dogs will be dogs – but says it is the residents’ responsibility to keep dogs in the yard. If a dog is impounded, there is a fee to get it back.

The department also says it is now unlawful to chain a dog in the yard. They can be tethered with a cable and pulley system allowing them to run around in the yard. There is a zero-tolerance policy on this law – meaning anyone caught violating this law will be ticketed on the first offense.

If residents aren’t sure what is legal or illegal, they can give the department a call and an officer will come by to help figure out how to legally tether a dog. They must also have access to food, water, and adequate shelter.

The City of Clifton does not have an animal control officer, so on-duty officers have to respond to these calls. If officers are on another call, residents are urged to be patient with the department.

If you have any questions, you can call 254-675-6620.

Source: Clifton Police Department