WACO, TX – Hitch is the affordable alternative to long- haul ride share and was designed by Texas college student Kush Singh at 19 years old.

“It was going to classes and borrowing other people’s cars and doing tens of thousands of miles of trips myself because we didn’t have cash or actually onboard any drivers,” says cofounder of Hitch Kush Signh.

Being a full time college student, commuting from Dallas to Austin was difficult for Kush, he highly depended on mass transportation to get around.

“The buses and the transportation piece of the entire journey while going to Austin was single hand time consuming event of my trip,” says Singh.

That’s when the inspiration for Hitch began. For many college students finding affordable transportation was limited, Hitch is located in nearby college cities.

“The college student segment is a great segment and a very underserved segment the options that they have to move from cities aren’t a lot,” says Singh.

Starting a business is no easy feat, but starting a business during the COVID-19 pandemic presented it’s own set of challenges.

“You realize that building a business is incredibly hard, it was incredibly hard pre-pandemic, the pandemic stepped it up four or five notches,” says Singh.

Kush says being in the ride sharing business, he’s seen customers change the way they order a ride.

“They started booking private rides which means they would book all three seats of the car and get all the space themselves by significantly reducing the risk of getting any exposure,” says Singh.

Even with all the challenges, Kush says he is happy to bring this new option to Central Texas.

“I’m just really passionate about building a company and a brand that will kind of become a household name for interstate transportation,” says Singh.

Hitch is always wanting to hire you can click here for job opportunities.