The Coryell County Grand Jury has indicted Bryan Richardson on two Capital Murder charges and one murder charge for the deaths of his wife and two children.

Copperas Cove Police say they found Richardson sleeping in a bed, with the bodies of his wife and two children underneath blankets and comforters on December 12th, 2020. They say it appeared the three had been stabbed to death.

According to the investigating officers, they went to the house after getting a call from Mark Santiago. He went to the house on Fairbanks Street to reach his sister, Kiera Michelle Ware, who is Richardson’s wife.

Santiago called police after going to the house and seeing a dark liquid on the kitchen floor while he looked through a window. The officers determined it was blood and one entered the home through an open bay window.

While searching through the rest of the house, officers found a bloody knife, an empty six pack of beer and an empty bottle of Trazodone.

After taking Richardson to police headquarters, officers noticed he had several cuts on his left arm. They say Richardson admitted to cutting himself.

Richardson’s arraignment is scheduled for June 15th. His first pre-trial hearing is expected to take place June 28th.