Copperas Cove (FOX 44) — Copperas Cove High School closed Tuesday morning because of a gas line accident.

The school district says a construction crew working at the high school inadvertently hit the gas line, causing a disruption in service. The school says students are not in any danger at this time.

School leaders had to turn off the air conditioning in part of the school because of the accident and say they will not be able to provide lunch. They are asking for parents to come pick up their students at the front or rear entrance of the school.

Students parked in the annex student parking lot will not be able to move their cars until after 1 p.m. Students parked in the cafeteria parking lot are able to drive themselves home.

No word yet on what this will mean for classes on Wednesday.

Superintendent Joe Burns sent the following statement out to parents on Tuesday afternoon:

“Thank you for your patience and understanding as everyone worked through the student
pickup issues today at Copperas Cove High School. This morning, I was notified that a
contractor conducting site work for the new career/technology education building had
compromised a natural gas line. CCHS staff immediately evacuated the area impacted
which included the fine arts wing, the athletic annex, and the new gym. Students and staff
were relocated to the cafeteria.

“We reached out to natural gas company to report the issue and determine a timeline for
the repair. Initially, the natural gas company was unable to provide a timeline for the repair
as the repair crew had to travel from outside the area. With the information provided, we
made the decision to release students. I apologize for the long lines and wait times
experienced by our parents and others picking up students. I have heard from many of you
and I understand wanting the process to be smoother, faster, and less cumbersome. We
will be conducting an after-action review and would appreciate any constructive feedback
you would like to provide. Feel free to email me at

“In addition, I have been asked if we will have classes tomorrow at CCHS. The answer is
yes, we will have school tomorrow. The natural gas company has already made the
needed repair and service has been restored.

“In closing, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the students of CCHS. They were
great to work with and did everything we asked of them in this situation. Again, thank you
for your patience today.”