CORYELL COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – Exactly a month ago, the search continues for escaped inmate Brandon Hogan who escaped from his work crew at Seaton cemetery in September.

Photo credit to Coryell County Sheriffs Office. The fence escaped inmate Brandon Hogan scaled will working with work crew at Seaton Cemetery on September 26th.

Officials state they will continue to search high and low until he is recaptured.

“We have several other agencies, you know, department of public safety, U.S. Marshals and other state agencies that are helping us,” says Coryell County Sheriff, Scott Williams.

As of October 14th, Hogan was added to Texas Ten Most Wanted List.

Hogan is a pre-trial confinement inmate at the Coryell County Jail, awaiting trial for burglary habitation, theft of a fire arm and criminal mischief. Sheriff Scott Williams confirms with FOX 44 that Hogan was not supposed to be in the work program.

“He was not eligible for that program. It was a mistake by some of my jail staff and some of my administrative staff. They should have called it,” says Williams.

Williams says they will investigate the error as soon as they re-capture the inmate. Their priority is getting him back in jail. Due to Hogan’s current charges, Williams wants to protect the people he is accused of harming. Williams says when Hogan escaped he was two miles away from the woman he is accused of strangling.

“We find it prudent that we should give her the force protection that she needs so that her and her family feel safe,” says Williams.

Earlier this spring, convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez went missing for weeks, and murdered a family of five. Coryell County is using all resources to ensure a tragedy like this won’t happen again.

“We’re not going to release our footprint here inside the county, but we are branching out to other counties,” says Williams.

Hogan’s family has also been interviewed and they are being cooperative with the sheriff’s office and assisting with the search.

“They do not have much of a relationship with Mr. Hogan due to his past behavior,” says Williams.

Sheriff Williams wants to remind everyone that Hogan, may be armed and dangerous. If you have seen him or know where he might be, call the sheriff’s office at 254-865-7201.