CORYELL COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44)– The search continued Tuesday morning for an inmate who escaped from a Coryell County work crew.

The inmate, identified as 37-year-old Brandon Wayne Hogan, was doing grounds maintenance on Monday at the Seaton Cemetery, near Leon Junction, as part of a three-inmate crew supervised by the Sheriff’s Office Community Service Manager – when he scaled a fence surrounding the cemetery.

Deputies are actively searching inside the area instead of the perimeter of the cemetery.

“It’s part of the evolving search where they have branched off and they’re going actually into the thickets instead of watching the roads they’re searching. Like I said, the unoccupied or on uninhabited buildings,” says Heather Ashley, Coryell County Sheriffs Office, public information officer.

After searching near the cemetery, Coryell County Sheriffs Office decided to move the search area, it is still close to Leon Junction. Community members and other agencies have been working with Coryell County Sheriffs Office to ensure they capture Hogan.

“We’re advising that residents secure their outbuildings, their barns, definitely their houses and their vehicles and just stay aware,” says Ashley.

Deputies don’t want to alarm anyone but do want to remind residents to stay vigilant as they are unsure if Hogan is armed.

“He did not leave with a weapon, but we don’t know if he has found one or, you know, when it comes to being armed or dangerous, a rock or a stick could be dangerous,” says Ashley.

Hogan could face additional charges of escape, also if anyone is assisting him they too could see serious consequences.

“Anyone assisting him in any way could face charges of aiding and abetting or other charges,” says Ashley.

Deputies are asking the community to be on the look out, if you see Hogan do not approach him call the sheriffs office at 254-865-7201.