WOODWAY, Texas – A Woodway homeowner is unhappy after the city’s replacement of a major sewer line left his backyard full of holes and damaged.

He says a project that was supposed to be a few months has lasted almost a year – and he wants answers.

Randy and Juanell Wood say they want their backyard the way it was before this sewer line replacement began. The City of Woodway is in a three-phase process of replacing the sewer lines.

City Manager Shaun Oubre says this is a big project, and the sewer lines have not been replaced since the foundation of the city – dating back to 1955.

“I think it’s premature to have the expectation for it to be finished. Although the pipeline crew has moved on days or weeks ago, the job’s not finished. And we are not able to direct the contractors on the means and methods of how he does the work,” says City Manager Shaun Oubre.

The Woods say this is where their problem lies. They say the contractors have uprooted their landscaping, sprinkler system, driveway, and left behind damage.

“From the first of the year, this has just been a nightmare for us. We have listened to them promise us everything from here to the moon,” Randy says.

The Woods say they were told the project would take a few months, but it has now been ten. Even sharing an e-mail with a response from S.J. Louis Construction saying the restoration would be complete by the end of October – and definitely before Thanksgiving.

“We’re going to replace all the top soil. We’re going to replace the sod. All the landscaping. All the trees that we have lost. And they are going to do our driveway correctly since they poured it in the rain,” Randy says.

Oubre says during this project, the city has sent updates through its social media and website – and has also been in contact with the Woods.

“So what we want is S.J. Lewis to do exactly what they said they were going to do,” Randy says.

The City of Woodway says the restoration project is still in the process, and won’t be complete until the end of February 2022.

FOX 44 reached out to S.J. Louis Construction for comment, but did not get a response.