COPPERAS COVE, Texas (FOX 44) – Copperas Cove teachers have the potential to earn a six-figure salary thanks to a new program through the Texas Education Agency.

The new Teacher Incentive Allotment rewards the best teachers with higher salaries through state funding -which has been set aside to keep teachers teaching in the classroom.

Williams/Ledger Elementary 2022 Teacher of the Year Rosa Young works with a student translating from Spanish to English to teach the student English As a Second Language. Young and other teachers across Texas may qualify to earn a higher salary through the new Teacher Incentive Allotment rewards program through TEA.

Educators who are selected have shown to be effective teachers, and their results demonstrate measurable improvements in their students. The program requires participating districts to implement systems which will designate teachers as “recognized,” “exemplary,” or “master.”

The total number of dollars teachers will receive varies based on how many teachers qualify. It is estimated that Master-designated teachers within the district would earn an additional $16,947. Exemplary teachers could earn an additional $8,968, and recognized teachers $4,484. Teachers teaching in schools with higher needs will receive higher values in the funding ranges. The salary increases continue for five years, after which teachers must be re-evaluated and re-designated into one of the three categories to qualify for the continued pay incentive.

Fairview/Miss Jewell 2021 Rookie Elementary Teacher of the Year Olivia Polsgrove reads a book to her students outside during a literacy lesson. Polsgrove and other teachers across Texas may qualify to earn a higher salary through the new Teacher Incentive Allotment rewards program through TEA.

CCISD Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services Amanda Crawley said the financial reward is based on the impact the teacher has on student growth, “Teacher incentive allotment is designed to reward our very best classroom teachers who are making the biggest differences in student growth and achievement. Once earned, these funds will go directly to the teacher to keep our very best teachers in the classrooms with students where they can make the biggest impact in reaching our most valuable resource, our students.”

The district has submitted its application to the TEA, and expects to receive notification of approval in July. If approved, the 2022-2023 school year will be the district’s data collection year to determine which teachers qualify based on student academic growth and teacher evaluations.

The district must use at least 90 percent of the state funds for increased teacher pay, and CCISD is committed to giving those funds directly to the teachers who earn them.

The remaining ten percent may be used for additional programs to help support teachers in training opportunities and professional development.

TEA launched the program in the Fall of 2020 as part of Texas House Bill 3, passed in 2019.